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dogue de bordeaux, french mastiff Danila
dogue de bordeaux, french mastiff Bakervill's Style Viski
dogue de bordeaux, french mastiff Fritz van de Paterhoek
dogue de bordeaux, french mastiff Bakervill's Style Waikiki Lady
dogue de bordeaux, french mastiff Vila Bonheur Kuba


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Dogue de Bordeaux

french mastif Rano de l'Aube Rouge


      For several centuries, the french mastif (Dogue de Bordeaux) was known in France as a terrifying watchdog. Since the 12th Century, french mastif had been used to hunt wild boar, bears and wolves; in the Middle Ages, these dogs were used as cattle dogs. A huge head with numerous wrinkles, powerful limbs and cool composure are typical characteristics of this representative of the mastif group, a descendant of the ancient Molosser.

      It has good proportions, a muscular body and a huge, round head (the largest in the dog world). The coat is soft and thin to the touch. However, it is not advisable to check this oneself. By nature, french mastif is rather lazy and, at home, is like a huge cuddly toy. In experienced hands, the thick-skinned and powerful french mastif is a perfect companion, watchdog and protector. If properly trained, it gets on well with children. A fully-grown dog weighs up to 90 kg.


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french mastif Rano de l'Aube Rouge       In the kennel WELLDAN are presented several selective bloodlines of french mastif taking into account the variety of the breed-fancier's preferences concerning different types of french mastif. Dogs from these bloodlines has accumulated the best physical characteristics and qualities of legendary winners. This has been confirmed by numerous international judges. Founder of the kennel has turned out hundred of french mastif puppies. The kennel dispose of a high class livestock, importing from France, Netherlands and Great Britain, where the top french mastifs in the world come from. The most interesting represetatives of the breed presented on site are Danila, Bakervill's Style Viski, Vila Bonheur Kuba, Bakervill's Style Waikiki Lady (Wiwa). There is detailed information on site about the kennel's french mastifs and their ancestry with titles, pictures and pedigrees, traced till the sixties.

french mastif Belmondo the Red Powerpack       Danila (European Junior Vice-Champion 2000, International Champion, Club Champion, Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Lithuanian, Baltic Champion, 2 x RKF Champion, Grand Champion, RFOS Champion, RFSS Champion, ROLS Champion, Delta-Pal Champion, 2 x ANKOR Champion, Winner "Baltik Winner 2002", Winner "Eurasia 2003", Winner "White Nights 2003", 12xCACIB, 3xR.CACIB, 30xCW, 3xR.CW, 26xCAC, 1xR.CAC, 23xBOS, 30xBOB) represents a world-famous bloodline based on ancestors of multiple World and European Champions Dorsdorf Davil and Belmondo the Red Powerpack, encountered practically in every modern champion's pedigree.

french mastif Brandoux Calaix       Through the very famous bitch Kerika (World Champion, Finland Champion, RKF Champion) and Vila Bonheur Kuba (daughter of Junior World Vice-Champion, Spain Champion Bruce de l'Aube Rouge) the kennel maintains "Belgian line" initiated by Interchampion, European Champion, Belgian Champion Rano de l'Aube Rouge, the most famous offspring of Belmondo the Red Powerpack, representing another not less interesting bloodlines group. Furthermore there are descendants of Brando Dospilos (2 x World Champion) in the kennel - the most famous progeny of Rano de l'Aube Rouge.

french mastif Temple Felson       Bakervill's Style Viski and Bakervill's Style Waikiki Lady are the best young representatives of "Anglo-Dutch line", sweepingly collecting points at international dog-shows and so far not presented in Russia. This bloodline is based on English and Dutch french mastifs Temple Felson, Brandoux Toezzz and Brandoux Calaix, shining at international dog-shows of last years.

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